Tanya Wallin

Tanya Wallin 


A fictional project based on African tales, myths andlegend, acted by native Africans in Norwegian nature.

African folktales were originally not written down, but were passed on from one generation to the next by word of mouth. They were performed live and although the same folktales were told many times; they were never told over exactly the same.
The series was originally inspired by the many tales of Jackal and Wolf both in Norwegian and African folklore. With overpopulation the world continues to become more culturally diverse. Increasing awareness and acceptance of these changing demographics however is not easy. Perhaps we can start by highlighting some of the similarities that cultures share before we highlight all the differences?

On a stone kopje, Monkey sat. When it became light he could seethe whole affair, and descended hastily for the purpose of mockingJackal. He went and sat on the wall. "Ha,[ Wip: A Dutch word for springle, consisting of a bent greenstick, to which a noose is attached at one end; the trap isdelicately adjusted by a cross stick, which when trod on releases thebent bough, pulling the noose quickly around the animal and into theair.]ha, good morning. So there you are hanging now, eventuallycaught." "What? I caught? I am simply swinging for my pleasure; it isenjoyable." "You fibber. You are caught in the wip." "If you but realized how nice it was to swing and sway likethis, you wouldn't hesitate. Come, try it a little. You feel sohealthy and strong for the day, and you never tire afterwards." "No, I won't. You are caught."

After a while Jackal convinced Monkey. He sprang from the kraalwall, and freeing Jackal, adjusted the noose around his own body.Jackal quickly let go and began to laugh, as Monkey was now swinginghigh in the air. "Ha, ha, ha," he laughed. "Now Monkey is in thewip." "Jackal, free me," he screamed. "There, Boer is coming," shouted Jackal. "Jackal, free me of this, or I'll break your playthings." "No, there Boer is coming with his gun; you rest a while inthe noose." "Jackal, quickly make me free." "No, here's Boer already, and he's got his gun. Goodmorning." And with these parting words he ran away as fast as hecould. Boer came and saw Monkey in the wip. "So, so, Monkey, now you are caught. You are the fellow whohas been stealing my lambs, hey? " "No, Boer, no," screamed Monkey, " not I, butJackal." "No, I know you; you aren't too good for that." "No, Boer, no, not I, but Jackal," Monkey stammered. "Oh, I know you. Just wait a little," and Boer, raising his gun, aimed and shot poor Monkey dead.

As she walked an ant did crawl into her ear. The girl continued walking,and coming to a new village heard the ant whisper to her to sit down.As she sat at the gate some African elders came out in shiningclothes and asked what she was doing there. Thegirl said she had come to look for a baby. The elders took her to ahouse, gave her a basket, and told her to collect some corn from thegarden. The ant whispered that she should pull one cob at a time, andarrange it carefully in the basket. Theelders were pleased with her work, and with the cooking that she didon the ant's instructions. Nextmorning they showed her two babies, one wrapped in red cloth and onein white cloth. She was going to choose the one in the red clothes,when the ant told her to choose the white one instead. Thisshe did, and the elders gave her the baby, and as many cloths andbeads as she could carry. Then she found her way back to her familyand they were overjoyed at her treasures and her baby. Thegirl's sister was jealous and set off for the heavenly land to seekthe same good fortune. She got up to the sky, but she was a very rudeand willful creature, who refused to listen to the old woman or heedthe warnings of the Ant. When she saw the babies, she chose thered-clothed one, there was a great explosion and she fell down dead. Herbones dropped on her home, and people commented that heaven was angrywith her because she had a wicked heart.

... Then they answered and said, "Some one came here, broke the bones into pieces, and said, 'If he want me, he may look for me at yonder pool!"' Lion went, and arrived while Frog was sitting at the water's edge, and he tried to creep stealthily upon him. When he was about to get hold of him, Frog said, "Ho!" and, diving, went to the other side of the pool, and sat there. Lion pursued him; but as he could not catch him he returned home.

From that day, it is said, Lion walked on his feet, and also began to creep upon (bis game); and the White Crows became entirely dumb since the day that they said, "Nothing can be said of that matter."

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